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Superior Appalachian Pipeline is an Appalachian Basin midstream company which strives to provide excellent service at a competitive price to positively impact our customer’s netbacks.  We enjoy the opportunity to collaborate closely with our customers to develop and meet mutual goals.

Our journey in Appalachia began in 2008, with our first gathering system commencing operations in 2011.  Today, we operate four gathering systems and continue to assess opportunities for growth.

We’re nimble, well capitalized, and have proven experience developing and operating midstream assets in Appalachia.  In addition to our staff and assets in Appalachia we’re part of the greater Superior Pipeline team which has gathering and processing assets in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, and has been in business for over twenty years.  Superior recently partnered with OP Trust and Partners Group, to help fuel our growth.

If you have any questions regarding Superior’s services feel free to contact Art Smith, Vice President, at 724-338-2524 or email Art at