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Superior Appalachian Pipeline is focused on providing excellent service to our existing customers and business growth through both greenfield and acquisition opportunities.  We currently have four gathering systems in the Appalachian Basin:

Current project development includes;

  • PITTSBURGH MILLS GATHERING SYSTEM - Located in Allegheny and Butler Counties, Pennsylvania.  Approximately 22 miles of 8” through 16” pipeline with compression, dehydration, and 280 MMCFD of delivery capacity through interconnects with Dominion TL-469 and Columbia’s Big Pine System.
  • BROOKFIELD GATHERING SYSTEM – Located in Tioga County, Pennsylvania.  Approximately 5 miles of pipeline with delivery to National Fuels Z20S through a third party.
  • BRUCETON GATHERING SYSTEM - Located in Preston County, West Virginia.  Approximately 15 miles of 16” pipeline with compression, dehydration, and an interconnect to Columbia 1804.
  • SNOW SHOE GATHERING SYSTEM - Located in Centre County, Pennsylvania.  Approximately 12 miles of 8” through 24” pipeline with a compressor site, dehydration, an interconnect to Dominion PL-1, and taps on TETCO.

If you have any questions regarding Superior’s services feel free to contact Art Smith, Vice President of Operations and Engineering, at 724-338-2524 or email Art at: